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We provide Creative, Effective, Targeted Marketing Solutions, On Time, Every Time. In over nine years, we've never missed a deadline.

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Top 20 Reasons

20. Prompt and Timely Delivery of Orders: We have never missed a deadline in over nine years!

19. Accurate Order Fulfillment: We make sure you receive exactly what you order.

18. Products Available When Needed: We have fast turnaround times.

17. Product, Imprint and Graphic Quality: We only use the highest rated suppliers in the industry.

16. Timely Response to Customer Concerns: We communicate with you during your entire order process, keeping you informed with ship dates and delivery dates.

15. Competitive Pricing: Our service, products and pricing blow our competition away.

14. Availability of Samples: We provide product samples upon request.

13. Ability to Supply Custom Work: Our foundation includes thousands of factories with thousands of employees in the United States and China all working for you.

12. Time Saving Benefit: We do the research for you.

11. Company Reputation: We have proven we provide excellent customer service.

10. Virtual Samples: We have the ability to show various products customized with your logo

9. Pre Production Proof: We have the ability to provide pre-production proofs on various products upon request.

8. Point of Sale Web Site: You can search over 850,000 products online 24/7 @

7. Low Minimums: We understand you don't always need 1,000 items and are happy to assist you in finding the perfect item with the quantities you need.

6. Graphic Design Source: If you need help creating or recreating your logo, we have team members who can assist you.

5. Payment Options: Credit Cards, Checks and Purchase Orders accepted.

4. Technology: Our software is the highest industry standard available for researching products. This helps us to help you find the perfect item at the right price to give you a return on your investment.

3. Professional Associations: Member of the Advertising Specialties Institute (ASI) and Promotional Products Association International (PPAI).

2. Service Connected Disabled Vietnam Veteran Owned, Small Business.

We Value Your Business
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Renée Jones is the Queen of Promotional Products. And, having worked with her for a nearly a decade, I can say that she always treated me like a princess! Pleasant, proactive, and able to accommodate any request, Renée definitely has the royal touch when it comes to customer service.

- JL

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magic story

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